Pearl Nemecek is a 22-year-old creative with a deep passion for graphic design, photography, and creative direction. As a first generation Filipino immigrant, her core principles revolve around embracing diversity, fostering inclusivity, and challenging conventional norms. Her journey in design and photography started during her high school years when she first picked up a Canon G10 point & shoot camera in an introductory photography class and was selected to design the front line banner and stickers for the March for Our Lives state march. Since those pivotal moments, She has had the privilege of working with a diverse array of creatives and clients as well as explored various forms of design and photography of different purposes. This ranges from fashion and branding to publication and activism. Currently, Pearl is a fourth-year undergraduate student at UW-Milwaukee, pursuing a BFA in Design & Visual Communications.

What if Statement
What if there was a pair of shoes that revolutionizes daily wear, customizations, and minimizes waste?

Project Description
The mechanics of the MorphoSole shoes include shapeshifting features, nanotechnology, and app functionality/customizations. They are meant to be durable, stain and liquid repellant using nanotech fabric, odor controlled, app-controlled, re-chargeable and conforms to every pair of feet. While this artifact will be displayed in a fashion-centered style, the MorphoSole shoes can be worn in any way beyond a variety of heels. These features mean that they function at any environment, worn by anyone.