As an artist, Lexi loves to create logos and spreads that showcase clean and sophisticated design. While pushing the boundaries through typography and various type systems in current practice, she loves to maintain clean and organized pieces in her portfolio. Whether it be studio photography, traditional media art, or graphic illustrations, she enjoys the process of making and focuses on intentionality in design with the hope that people feel as passionately about the art as she does.

What if Statement
What if we were able to control our own physical sensitivity?

Project Description
What if there was a piece of technology that allowed you to control each of your senses individually? That's exactly what TouchBase wants to offer you! A chance to be able to take control of what you are feeling to the highest degree. Whether you want to amplify your senses while you listen to your favorite song or eating your favorite dish, or if you are in a panic and need a break from your pain in a split second, TouchBase allows you to live life its fullest potential.