Gisselle Dominguez, a first-generation college student and a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Excels in merging traditional art with modern design. In her Design & Visual Communication program, she's been dedicated to expanding her skills and design thinking. Drawing and Painting, nurtured from a young age, are the foundations of her distinct design approach, therefore blending handcrafted authenticity with a contemporary edge. Her work showcases fluid brushstrokes, intricate lines, and thoughtful compositions, illustrating her drive for visual storytelling. Gisselle's recent internships at The Brandlab MKE, Bader Rutter, and Hoffman York have been key in her professional journey, strengthening her belief that no dream is too large to pursue.

What if Statement
What if in 250 years from now, a vast majority of society has become desensitized, detached, and consumed by the effects of rapidly rising technology?

Project Description
¡Despierta! is a collective born from the urgency to address our deepening entrenchment in digital realms and capitalist motives. It’s a call to action, a movement championing authentic human connections and community strength over techno-consumerism and clickbait capitalism. Envisioned as a global force, ¡Despierta! seeks to establish urban sanctuaries, providing respite from the digital space and capitalist demands. These spaces offer a chance to recalibrate and rediscover life’s core values. ¡Despierta! is our pathway to authenticity, challenging a profit-over-humanity world, compelling society to pause, reflect, and genuinely awaken.