Chue is primarily an artist who focuses on portraying the beauty of the natural world and promoting awareness about it. Additionally, his Hmong heritage has a profound influence on his work, as he aspires to be a voice for their community. Chue aims for their art to connect with viewers on a deep, empathetic level, allowing them to find aspects of their own lives reflected within it.

What if Statement
What if in the future underwater transportation took on an entirely new form with sleek and sustainable vessels modeled after jellyfish?

Project Description
My artifact is a transportation vessel that would run completely underwater and run only from water energy. This vessel would be designed based on biomimicry which is designing based off of nature to solve human problems. The jellyfish I thought was a divine specimen for this project because they move quietly, move fast, are bioluminescent, and have a defense mechanism. This design would be made for not only humans but also for the vast ecosystems that live beneath the water.