Brittney is an upcoming Design and Visual Communications graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She thrives on transforming concepts into engaging, dynamic visual narratives, and is continuously searching for ways to expand their skills and grow as a designer. Throughout their work, you’ll see a modern flair, clean aesthetics, and expressive typography. With the goal to continue pushing creative boundaries, She hopes to leave a lasting impression on the graphic design world.

What if Statement
What if we could record and rewatch our dreams?

Project Description
With the rise of VisionX and dream recording, you will no longer have to remember your dreams. Each morning, the recordings of your dreams will sync to the app for you to rewatch. VisionX is targeted to a wide range of individuals, including researchers and scientists who might adopt dream recording into their practices for a better understanding of the human brain and consciousness, as well as those searching for inspiration and a better understanding of themselves, desires, and fears. Ideally, dream recording will lead to breakthroughs in the scientific understanding of the human brain and the impact of our dreams.