Astrid DuPont is a senior in the UWM Design and Visual Communication program. They have had the joy of working with both Union Marketing Services at UWM as a Student Designer and Islands of Brilliance as a Design Intern. As a designer, Astrid strives to push the boundaries of design’s role in shaping our world. She seeks to create work that fully immerses the viewer, in hopes of connecting in a unique and personal way. Astrid draws inspiration from emotion, the natural world, and the tiny bits of magic found in everyday life.

What if Statement
What if we take back the optimism needed to build a sustainable future?

Project Description
Love Letters From the Future: A Solarpunk Anthology seeks to rebuild the viewer’s relationship to wonder and hope for the future through an exhibit that sits immersed in plant life and magic. This artifact features a dreamscape that holds snippets and secrets from that world. It draws inspiration from Solarpunk and Afrofuturist visions, and lives in a future that demands indigenous sovereignty.